Summers Towing

3 Ackerman Rd, Morgantown, WV 26508

304-599-3133 / 800-428-1310

24 hourroad services

We can easily haul large vehicles such as tractor and trailers, buses, dump trucks, motorhomes, and construction equipment.

Every Summers driver carries CDL and are certified through Wreckmaster and TRAA, updating their training yearly. Summers Towing owned and operated their first rotator in 2000 and have since updated and improved their fleet. Our rotator operators have more than 20 years of experience.

Heavy Duty Recovery Service

Certified by TRAA and Wreckmaster

Certified by TRAA and Wreckmaster

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Sliding Rotator 65 Ton

Learn about the 65 ton

Our 65 ton sliding rotator is used for heavy duty lifting and special recovery. Our expert staff is trained with the skills necessary to make the safest recovery of any situation.

Sliding Rotator 80 Ton

Learn more about the 80 ton

Not only for towing and recovery, this machine is built to tackle anything from mining equipment, oversize lifting and much more. Our 80 ton sliding rotator is one of eighteen in the world. It will be sure to get the job done.